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Media landscape painting | Installation(2018)

Runze Feng 

In CLOUD UNLIMITED the artist reflects on the human intervention and exploitation of nature in the age of Anthropocene through an interactive real-time landscape painting. Drawing from the history of landscape painting, the artist painted a "real" cloud near the ground with the help of a machine at the location of Der Stern inside the picturesque Ilm Park in Weimar. The painting process took place in real-time and the audience was invited to paint their own cloud on the screen. Each cloud that people painted lasted for about 10 seconds and then disappeared until a new cloud has been painted. Through means of modern technology, the artist reflects on the way that nature is changed through human intervention. At the same time, the screen and the format of landscape painting allude to the status of nature as a culturally constructed concept that for this reason, too, is prone to cyclical changes.

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