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Student Accommodation Project

This project was a Student Accommodation Project at Curtin University Kalgoorlie Campus. The project will be completed in two stages with the first batch of modules due to arrive into Fremantle Port in October and transported by road to arrive on site November 2015 with the second batch due to arrive by July 2016 to tie in with the Universities demands for accommodation for the 2016 Semesters.

The modules will all be manufactured in a controlled environment off-shore at CIMC MBS's manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China. This technology allows for the entire units to be fitted out in the facility prior to shipping to Australia and their arrival on site. The 180 room project will be constructed out of a total if 89 modules, the modules will be installed on site together over a matter of weeks to construct five blocks ranging from 3-4 levels. The modules will make up a mix of single rooms, disabled access rooms, shared bathrooms, private studio apartments, bike storage, laundry facilities, and communal hubs providing a central study area and two common living and kitchen areas per floor. With this module design also including the lift and stair core, on-site construction is significantly reduced to just the site preparation work and construction time is reduced by up to 50% meaning that there is less disruption to the community during this process.(CIMC PRODUCTION)

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